Henry Purcell: Books and Music

Selected Books

Henry Purcell, 1659-1695: His Life and Times
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1983
Franklin B. Zimmerman
$88.88 on Amazon
Used copies from $9


Henry Purcell: The Origins and Development of his Musical Style
Cambridge University Press, 2009
Martin Adams
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“This is the first book thoroughly to explore the musical style of Henry Purcell. In this study, Martin Adams identifies music by other composers, both within England and from abroad, which influenced Purcell’s compositional decisions. Using a mix of broad stylistic observation and detailed analysis, Adams distinguishes between late seventeenth-century English style in general and Purcell’s style in particular and chronicles the changes in the composer’s approach to the main genres in which he worked, especially the newly emerging ode and English opera. As a result, Adams reveals that although Purcell went through a marked stylistic development, encompassing an unusually wide range of surface changes, special elements of his style remained constant.”—From Amazon

Henry Purcell and the London Stage
Cambridge University Press, 2009
Curtis A. Price
$57 on Amazon


“The first comprehensive survey of Purcell’s dramatic music. It is concerned as much with the London theatre world—playhouses, poets, actors, singers, producers—as with the music itself. Purcell wrote music for more than fifty plays of various types, most of them produced at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, between 1690 and 1695.”—From Amazon

Selected Music

Purcell sacred The Complete Sacred Music of Henry Purcell, 11-CD boxed set

Dido Purcell: Dido and Aeneas, 1 CD

abdelazer-2Abdelazer: Suites by Henry Purcell, 2-CD set (with commentary)

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