Heinrich Schütz: Books and Music

Selected Books

Master Musicians: Schütz
Oxford Univ. Press, 2000
Basil Smallman
$53.30 on Amazon


“Oxford has produced another winning entry in The Master Musicians series. Smallman’s narrative weaves discussion of life and works seamlessly, and the extras (calendar, list of works, personalia, bibliography) have been executed superbly.”—B.J. Murray, Choiceon Amazon

Music in the Baroque Era: From Monteverdi to Bach
W.W. Norton, 1947
Manfred Bukofzer
$39.95 on Amazon


Selected Music

schutz-1 Musikalische Exequien (1995), 1 CD

Schutz-2 Motets / German Magnificat (2009), 1 CD

schutz-3 Johannes-Passion: Psalmen Davids (1998), 1 CD

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