Johann Joachim Quantz: Books and Music

Selected Books

On Playing the Flute
Northeastern (2nd. ed.), 2001
Edward Reilly, trans.
$31.50 on Amazon


“Articulation, aesthetics, phrasing, ornamentation, character, tempo, practicing, accompaniment, style, notation, how to give a concert, how to breathe when you’re nervous, how to play in an orchestra, … it’s all here. This book from 1752 covers the art of being a musician, not just a flute player.”—Bradley Lehman on Amazon

Selected Music

Quantz4 Flute Concertos (1997), 1 CD

Quantz5 Flute Sonatas (1997), 1 CD

Quantz6 King’s Flute Master (2012), 1 CD

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