Baroque Instruments

A quick tutorial on the difference between Baroque and other classical string instruments by cellist Emily Davidson (

A short documentary on the crafting of Baroque-era instruments.

Douglas Cox, a violin maker in Brattleboro, Vt., is featured in the documentary. Here’s a link to his website.

Violin family of instruments

Musical Instruments of the Baroque and early Classical Eras
Smithsonian Institution, 1988
Booklet with audio casette
$19.95 on Amazon


guitar Baroque Guitar, Sellas, 5-course, Taylor

From Amazon: Based on instruments made by Giorgio Sellas. One in particular, which may be seen in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, was made in 1627.

Heritage D Z Strad Violin N615 Full Size 4/4 with Italian Alps Spruce

From Amazon: D Z Strad Violin N615. Example of hand-crafted violin, with full, even sound, ideal for professional solo performances. Includes case and two brand new bows (one wood and one carbon fiber). The case and bows have been valued at $900. The violin is 100 percent handmade and oil-varnished by hand. Italian Alps Spruce top, natually air dried (over 30 years). Selected Maple back, ribs, and scroll, naturally air dried. Hard-carved pegs, tailpiece, and chin rest.

heritage-1 Heritage Pro 4/4 Full Size Violin, Il Cannone, Guarneri

From Amazon: Replica of a violin made in 1837 by Paganini as a gift to Genoa, his native city. The original violin is played monthly and on special occasions in Genoa to preserve it.

Heritage -2 Heritage Series 4/4 Pro Full Size Violin The Cessol, Stradivari Strad
From Amazon: Replica of “The Cessol” by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1716. Made during Stradivari’s “Golden Period”, this violin is one of the Great Master’s finest instruments. Described by the Hills as “a superb example in every aspect, and quite of the character we should expect.”

recorder-1 Hohner 9550 Pearwood 2-Piece Soprano

From Amazon: Two-piece, hardwood Soprano Recorder for Baroque fingering. Tuned to the key of C and includes a mouthpiece featuring unique vanes for uniform wind dispersal. Includes a swab for cleaning and a fingering guide. Made in Germany.

31cGASFC0DL._AA160_ Heritage Stradivari Davidov Model Professional Cello, 4/4 Full Size

From Amazon: ‘The Davidov’ by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1712. Replica named after the Russion virtuoso Karl Yul’yevich Davidov, who owned the cello in about 1885. The instrument was later played by Jacqueline du Pre. Du Pre’s teacher, William Pleath was with her when she tried out the cello, and recommended it to her as “one of the really great instruments of the world”. Du Pre’s recordings from 1965 to 1968 were all made on the “Davidov”. The original is now owned by Yo-Yo Ma.

cello-2 Eastman Master Cello, Stradivari Strad Pattern, 4/4 Full Size

From Amazon: Offered in full antiqued finish. These handmade and hand varnished instruments offer the highest level of workmanship from this excellent workshop. They produce a powerful and robust tone. The instruments are fitted with quality ebony fittings.

For fine listening to Baroque music, our site recommends these headphones:

Bose AE2 audio headphones

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