Giuseppe Tartini: Complete Works

Tartini composed more than 130 Concerti for violin, two Concerti for flute and two Cello concerti as well as over 170 Sonatas for violin, with or without continuo, some 50 Sonatas a Tre and 4 Sonatas a Quatre. Only some 20 conerti and 50 sonatas were published, so the remainder exist only in the forms of manuscripts. A catalogue of Tartini’s concerti was drawn up by Minos Doumias, numbered according to their keys. The most accurate dating applies to some of the works published during Tartini’s life time. Doumias has divided the remainder of the works based on style, sorting the concerti into three main periods: prior to 1735, 1735-1750, and after 1750.—Excerpted from Marcel Safier’s Tartini page

Concertos and Sonatas: 
Concerto in A major D.96
Concerto in B minor D.125
Concerto in C major D.2
Concerto in G major for Flute, Strings and Continuo
Concerto in D minor D.115
Sonata A Quatre in G major for String Orchestra
Concerto in D major for Cello, Strings and Continuo
Variations on a Theme by Corelli for Violin and Continuo Sonata a tre in D minor
Sonata in D minor for solo Violin
Sonata in A major “Pastoral” for Violin and Continuo
Sonata a tre in D major
Sonata in G minor Op.1 No.10

2 Concerti for Violin: 
Concerto in E minor D.56
Concerto in G for Violin, Strings and Conitnuo D.83

For complete list, go to Marcel Safier’s Tartini page.

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