A generalist’s random reflections on Baroque music


Ignazio Albertini: We Hardly Knew You

Johann Schmelzer: The Most Underrated Baroque Composer

Rosa Giacinta Badalla: A First-round Draft Pick of Convent Music

The 55 Greatest Baroque Composers in One Sentence Each

Tension in the Service of the Sad: Pete Townshend Meets Henry Purcell

‘La Folia’: The ‘Stairway to Heaven’ of Baroque Music

The World’s Most Baroque Rock Band

He Knows a Good Time, and It’s Not Opera

Let’s Give Leonora Duarte the Hollywood Treatment

The World Awaits the Next Johann

Baroque Music in All Its Jargon

50 Great Composers, 1 Not-so-Great Compilation

Who is The English Bach? I’m Going with Bach’s Son

The Mystery of the Violetta Marina

Keith Richards, Ben Mink, and Franz Biber’s Partia No. 1

Basso Continuo: The Groove of Baroque

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