Giuseppe Torelli: Books and Music

Selected Books

The Sonata in the Baroque Era
W. W. Norton and Company, 1972 (3rd ed.)
William S. Newman
$25.55 on Amazon


“Newman takes us through the whole range of composers working in the kinds of compositions called sonatas from the mid-sixteenth century to our own day and it is a list that includes names long forgotten to the world of living music. It is not that it isn’t worth delving into some of these composers, but the hard part is knowing which ones are worthwhile. History has shut the book on most of them for good reason, but there may have been mistakes and something delicious is waiting on the shelf to be discovered. So, look through this book has you wish. I use it more as a reference book than something to read front to back.”—Craig Matteson on Amazon

Selected Music

torelli concertos Concertos (2005), 1 CD

Torelli Brandenburg The Original Brandenburg Concertos (2009), 1 CD

Torelli Sonate Sonate, Sinfonie e Concerti (1994), 1 CD

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