Pietro Locatelli: Complete Works

  • Op. 1 (1721) – 12 concerti grossi (in F, C minor, B flat, E minor, D, C minor, F, F minor, D, C, C minor, G minor)
  • Op. 2 (1732) – 12 flute sonatas (in G, D, B flat, G, D, G minor, A, F, E, G, D, G)
  • Op. 3 (1733) – L’arte del violino 12 violin concertos (in D, C minor, F, E, C, G minor, B flat, E minor, G, F, A, D “Il laberinto armonico”)
  • Op. 4 (1735) – 6 Introduttione teatrale (in D, F, B flat, G, D, C) and 6 concerti grossi (in D, F, G, E, C minor, F)
  • Op. 5 (1736) – 6 trio sonatas (in G, E minor, E, C, D minor, G “Bizarria”)
  • Op. 6 (1737) – 12 violin sonatas (in F minor, F, E, A, G minor, D, C minor, C, B minor, A minor, E flat, D minor)
  • Op. 7 (1741) – 6 concerti a quatro (in D, B flat, G, F, G minor, E flat)
  • Op. 8 (1744) – 10 trio sonatas (in F, D, G minor, C, G, E flat, A, D, F minor, A)—Excerpted from Wikipedia

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