Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer: Complete Works

The following alphabetized list is incomplete. More about Fischer’s works is at Wikipedia.

Chaconne in A minor
Chaconne in F major

Fugue in G major

Le Journal du Printemps

Musicalischer Parnassus
Musicalisches Blumen-Büschlein

Praeludium in F major
Praeludium in Phrygian Mode
Praeludium, Fuga et Finale in E minor
Praeludium, Fuga et Finale in G minor

Ricercar pro Festis Natalytis
Ricercar pro Festis Paschalibus
Ricercar pro Festis Pentacostalibus
Ricercar pro tempore adventus
Ricercar pro Tempore Quadragesimae

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