Johann Rosenmüller, 1619-1684

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Sinfonia Quinta

Sonata №2 e-moll per due violini e basso continuo

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Sonata No.2


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Johann Rosenmüller was a German Baroque composer who played a part in transmitting Italian musical styles to the north. He studied at the University of Leipzig, graduating in 1640. He served as organist of the Nikolaikirche Leipzig from 1651, and became director of music in absentia to the Altenburg court in 1654. In 1655 he was imprisoned in a scandal involving alleged homosexual activities. Escaping, he fled to Italy, and by 1658 was employed at Saint Mark’s in Venice. He composed many vocal works while teaching at an orphanage for girls, (Ospedale della Pietà) between 1678 and 1682. The works of Giovanni Legrenzi and Arcangelo Corelli were among his Italian influences and his sacred compositions show the influence of Heinrich Schütz. In his last years, Rosenmüller returned to Germany with Duke Anton-Ulrich of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, at whose court he served as choir master. He lived from 1619 to 1684.—Excerpted from Wikipedia

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Selected Books

Johann Rosenmüller (ca. 1619-1684)
BiblioLife, 2009
August Horneffer
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Rosenmuller- Horneffer

“Pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality.”—Amazon description

Selected Music

Rosenmuller-6 Sonate Da Camera E Sinfonie (2002), 1 CD

Rosenmuller-3 Jeremiah Lamentations and Trio Sonatas (1999), 1 CD

Rosenmuller-4 Vespro della beata Vergine (1997), 2-CD set

More Johann Rosenmüller music

Complete Works

Andere Kern-Sprüche
Paduanen, Alemanden, Couranten, Balletten, Sarabanden
Psalm 134
Siehe, eine Jungfrau ist schwanger
Sonatae à 2,3,4 e 5 stromenti da arco et altri
Sonate e Sinfonie da camera

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