Johann David Heinichen: Notes and Commentary

Johann David Heinichen was a German Baroque composer and music theorist who brought the musical genius of Venice to the court of Augustus the Strong in Dresden. He studied music at the Thomasschule zu Leipzig with Johann Schelle and later received organ and harpsichord lessons with Johann Kuhnau. By profession he was a lawyer, and while practicing law in Weissenfels he published the first edition of his major treatise on the thoroughbass. He went to Italy and spent seven formative years there, mostly in Venice, with great success with his operas. Although Heinichen’s music is original, rhythmically exuberant, and imaginative, it was little known for a long time. His music is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, with some of his concerti, masses, and his final work, a Magnificat, now receiving attention in the recording world. He lived from April 17, 1683, to July 16, 1729.—Excerpted from Wikipedia

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