George Frideric Handel: Books and Music

Selected Books

Handel (Revised Edition)
Thames & Hudson, 2007
Christopher Hogwood
$19.76 on Amazon


“This is by far the best {Handel biography], both for detail and accuracy and for sheer readability. With the help of a good deal of 18th (and sometimes 19th) century literature which he quotes verbatim whenever it seems appropriate (but without overburdening his text with footnotes), Christopher Hogwood takes five long chapters to describe in great fulness the known facts – and some speculative ones – of the life of Handel from his birth through to his death in London in 1759. Hogwood limits himself to narrative and does not begin interpreting Handel’s music, nor does he discuss in too much detail the ins and outs of when Handel changed this or that aria.”—Leslie Richford on Amazon

George Frideric Handel: Composer of Messiah
Mott Media, 1987
Charles Ludwig
$8.09 on Amazon

“This book was very imformative and a very easy read. Having the historical perspective along with the musical output was very interesting. It is always interesting to learn about the mindset of the composer along with the constraints he is faced with while he is producing his music. I would recommend this book very much.”—Marilyn Brace on Amazon

Selected Music

Messiah The Messiah (2002), 2-CD set

Fireworks Music for the Royal Fireworks / Water Music (1990), 1 CD

Sonatas Complete Violin Sonatas (2005), 1 CD

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