Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, 1656-1746


Selected Recordings

Le Journal du Printemps, Op.1


Ariadne Musica

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Ricercar pro Festis Natalytis



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Notes and Commentary

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer was a German Baroque composer. Johann Nikolaus Forkel, a Baroque-era music theorist, ranked Fischer as one of the best composers for keyboard of his day. However, partly due to the rarity of surviving copies of his music, his music is rarely heard today.

Much of Fischer’s music shows the influence of the French Baroque style, exemplified by Jean Baptiste Lully, and he was responsible for bringing the French influence to German music. Fischer’s harpsichord suites updated the standard model at the time, and he was also one of the first composers to apply the principles of the orchestral suite to the harpsichord, replacing the standard French ouverture with an unmeasured prelude. Both Bach and Handel knew Fischer’s work and sometimes borrowed from it. He lived from September 9, 1656, to August 27, 1746.—Excerpted from Wikipedia

Books and Music

Selected Books

Ausgewählte Klavierwerke 
B. Schott’s Söhne, 1935
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fischer klavier

Rondeau in G Minor
OnlineSheetMusic, 2013
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fischer rondeau

Selected Music

fischer printemps Le Journal Du Printemps Op. 1 (2007), 1 CD

fischer parnassus Musical Parnassus, Vol. 2 (2000), 1 CD

fischer sacred Sacred Music (2002), 1 CD

More Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer music

Complete Works

The following alphabetized list is incomplete. More about Fischer’s works is at Wikipedia.

Chaconne in A minor
Chaconne in F major

Fugue in G major

Le Journal du Printemps

Musicalischer Parnassus
Musicalisches Blumen-Büschlein

Praeludium in F major
Praeludium in Phrygian Mode
Praeludium, Fuga et Finale in E minor
Praeludium, Fuga et Finale in G minor

Ricercar pro Festis Natalytis
Ricercar pro Festis Paschalibus
Ricercar pro Festis Pentacostalibus
Ricercar pro tempore adventus
Ricercar pro Tempore Quadragesimae

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