Jean-Baptiste Lully: Books and Music

Selected Books

Jean Baptiste Lully: The Founder of French Opera
R.H.F. Scott
Peter Owen Publishers, 1973
$201.32 on Amazon
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“Aside from the lack of any insight whatsoever into Lully’s music, this volume has other deficiencies. It glosses over the most crucial years of Lully’s career, the years when he consolidated his remarkable relationship with Louis XIV. . . . R.H.F. ¬†Scott, was quite obviously fascinated by Lully’s homosexuality but seemingly had neither knowledge of nor interest in his music.”—Giordano Bruno on Amazon

Jean-Baptiste Lully and the Music of the French Baroque
Essays in Honor of James R. Anthony
Cambridge University Press, 2008
John Hajdu Heyer (ed.)
$52 on Amazon
Used copies from $42.91


From Amazon: “This volume of essays on Jean-Baptiste Lully and his musical legacy honours the distinguished French baroque scholar James R. Anthony. Jean-Baptiste Lully, court composer to Louis XIV, served as the principal architect of what would become known as the French style of music in the baroque era.”

Selected Music

Lully-Soleil L’Orchestre du Roi Soleil (2003), 1 CD

psyche Psyché, 3-CD set

Armide The Tragedy of Armide, 2-CD set

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