Giuseppe Tartini: Books and Music

Selected Books

Trattato Di Musica: Secondo La Vera Scienza Dell’ Armonia
Kessinger Publishing (Italian edition of 1754 work)
Giuseppe Tartini
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“Tartini, a music theorist as well as composer, published his ideas on what is now known as ‘sum and difference tones,’ in which the intonation of double-stops can be determined by noting the difference in tones. This is called the terzo suono in Italian.”—On Baroque

Giuseppe Tartini
Garzanti, 1945
Antonio Capri
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a. capri

The Art of Bowing for the Violin
Monzani & Hill, 1825
Giuseppe Tartini
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Selected Music

Devil's Trill The Devil’s Sonata and Other Works (1998), 1 CD

T-concertos Violin Concertos (2007), 1 CD

T-sonatas Trio and Violin Sonatas (2008), 3-CD set

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