Georg Phillip Telemann: Complete Works

The following list is excerpted from Wikipedia.

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  • Cantata Cycle 1716-1717
  • Die Donner-Ode (“The Ode of Thunder”) TWV 6:3a-b
  • Du bleibest dennoch unser Gott (Erstausgabe 1730)
  • Ihr Völker, hört
  • Ino (1765)
  • Sei tausendmal willkommen (Erstausgabe 1730)
  • Die Tageszeiten (“The Times of the Day”) (1764)
  • Gott, man lobet dich, Cantata for the Peace of Paris, 1763, for 5-part chorus, flute, 2 oboes, bassoon, 3 trumpets, 2 horns, strings & continuo, TWV 14:12
    • not by Telemann: Der Schulmeister (“The Schoolmaster” 1751), by Christoph Ludwig Fehre.


  • Hamburger Admiralitätsmusik several years including TWV 24:1
  • Der Tag des Gerichts (“The Day of Judgement”)
  • Hamburgische Kapitänsmusik (various years)
  • Der Tod Jesu (“The Death of Jesus”) TWV 5:6
  • Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu” (“The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus”) TWV 6:6, 1716
  • Trauermusik for emperor Karl VII (1745) Ich hoffete aufs Licht, TWV 4:13
  • Trauermusik for Hamburg mayor nl:Garlieb Sillem Schwanengesang TWV 4:6

Orchestral suites

  • Grillen-symphonie TWV 50:1
  • Ouvertüre Wassermusik (Hamburger Ebb und Fluth) TWV 55:C3
  • Ouvertüre des nations anciens et modernes in G TWV 55:G4
  • Ouvertüre g-moll in G minor TWV 55:g4
  • Suite a-moll für Flöte, Orchester und b.c. TWV 55:a2
  • Overture: Alster Echo in F, for 4 horns, 2 oboes, bassoon, strings and continuo, TWV55:F11

Chamber music

  • Sinfonia Spirituosa in D Major (2 violins, viola & continuo, trumpet ad libitum) TWV 44:1
  • Tafelmusik (1733) (‘Tafelmusik’ refers to music meant to accompany a meal)
  • Der getreue Musikmeister (1728), a musical journal containing 70 small vocal and instrumental compositions
  • 6 Paris Quartets, each of which has five to six instruments. TWV 43[5]
  • Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst
  • The Twelve Fantasias for Transverse Flute without Bass TWV 40:2-13
  • The Twelve Fantasias for Violin without Bass TWV 40:14-25
  • 6 Canonical Sonatas TWV 40: 118-123



  • Violin Concerto in A Major “Die Relinge” TWV 51:A4
  • Concerto for Three Violins in F major, TWV 53:F1


  • Concerto in G Major for Viola and String Orchestra, TWV 51:G9; the first known concerto for viola, still regularly performed today
  • Concerto in G Major for Two Violas and String Orchestra, TWV 52:G3


  • “Concerto for Two Horns in D Major” TWV 52:D1
  • “Concerto for Two Horns in D Major” TWV 52:D2
  • “Concerto for Horn and Orchestra in D Major” 51:D8

Chalumeau [edit]

  • Concerto in C major for 2 Chalmeaux, 2 Bassoons and Orchestra, 52:C 1
  • Concerto in D minor for Two Chalumeaux and Orchestra, 52:d 1


  • Trumpet Concerto in D major, 51:D 7
  • Concerto in D for Trumpet and 2 Oboes, 53:D 2
  • Concerto in D for Trumpet, Violin and Violoncello, 53:D 5
  • Concerto in D for 3 Trumpets, Timpani, 2 Oboes, 54:D 3
  • Concerto in D for 3 Trumpets, Timpani, 54:D 4


  • “Concerto in F Minor”
  • “Concerto in A Major”
  • “Concerto in E Minor”
  • “Concerto in G Major”
  • “Concerto in C Minor”
  • “Concerto in D Minor”
  • “sonata in G minor”
  • “Sonata in A Minor”


    • “Concerto in D Major”
    • “Concerto in E Minor for recorder & traverso”

The list above is excerpted from Wikipedia.

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