Domenico Scarlatti: Books and Music

Selected Books
Domenico Scarlatti
Princeton University Press, 1983
Ralph Kirkpatrick
$8.97 used on Amazon


“Ralph Kirkpatrick’s 1953 work remains THE book on Domenico Scarlatti and his keyboard sonatas. There have been no substantial revisions in the biography of DS since 1953. Georgio Pestelli and many others have questioned Kirkpatrick on chronology, but when it comes to analysis of individual sonatas, Kirkpatrick is strong. And his performances speak well even 50 years later. Kirkpatrick was not a musicologist, so his book is actually interesting to read!”—Eloi on Amazon

Domenico Scarlatti: Master of Music
Schirmer Books, 1987
Malcolm Boyd
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Selected Music

scarlatti-key Keyboard Sonatas (2001), 2-CD set

stabat mater Stabat Mater a 10 voci (2002), 1 CD

scarlatti-pinnock Sonatas (1990), 1 CD

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