Pietro Castrucci: Books and Music

Selected Books

Music in the Galant Style
Oxfor Univ. Press, 2007
Robert Gjerdingen
$42.77 on Amazon


“This is an outstanding book. It is one of the most informative, enjoyable, fascinating, and thought-provoking books on music that I have ever read. Through hundreds of musical examples, it demonstrates how extensively the music of the “galant” 18th-century era was based on the skillful treatment and combination of a limited number of basic schemata.”—Olli Väisälä on Amazon

The Cambridge Companion to the Violin
Cambridge Univ. Press, 1993
Robin Stowell, ed.
$31.13 on Amazon


“As an adult beginner, this excellent book provides one with the highlights to the violin’s history, construction, repertoire, and pedagogy, among other subjects. This book is also an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys listening to the violin. Being a teacher at a fine arts high school, I have recommended this book to my students who are studying violin.”—Amazon review

Selected Music

Castrucci Grossi 6 Concerti Grossi, Op. 3 (2001), 1 CD

castrucci-2 Italian Musicians in London (1997), 1 CD

castrucci 3 The Grand Tour, 1 CD

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