Lucia Quinciani, 1566-1611

Lucia Quinciani, an Italian composer, is the earliest known published female composer of monody. She is known only by one composition, a setting of “Udite lagrimosi spirti d’Averno, udite”, from Giovanni Battista Guarini’s Il pastor fido, found in Marcantonio Negri’s Affetti amorosi (1611), in which Negri refers to Quinciani as his student. She may have worked in Venice or Verona. She lived from circa 1566 to 1611.—Excerpted from Wikipedia

“Udite lagrimosi spirti,” in Ensemble Laus Concentus

Starts at 1:48:

More information: Thomas W. Bridges. “Lucia Quinciani”, Grove Music Online, ed. L. Macy.

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donnaLucia Quinciani, c.1566-c.1611
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Vittoria Aleotti, c. 1575-after 1620
Sulpitia Cesis, 1577-after 1617
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Anna Bon, 1739-1767

Other women Baroque composers

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